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Welcome to AMAC Group – Your Trusted Partner in Industrial Excellence!

At AMAC Group, we are a leading innovative contracting company renowned for our expertise in electromechanical works, instrumentation, automation projects, and calibration services. Established in 2019, our commitment to precision, innovation, and client satisfaction has positioned us as a key player in the industry.


Our Approch

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Our mission is to pioneer innovation and excellence in the realm of electromechanical works, instrumentation, automation projects, and calibration services. We are dedicated to providing precise, reliable, and forward-thinking solutions that empower industries and contribute to their growth.


Our goal is to be the foremost choice for clients seeking cutting-edge industrial solutions. We aim to continually raise the bar by delivering projects with the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and technological advancement. Through a customer-centric approach, we strive to build lasting partnerships that drive mutual success.


AMAC Group envisions a future where industries thrive on the backbone of advanced technologies and impeccable services. We aspire to be a global leader, setting benchmarks in electromechanical innovation and industrial excellence. Our vision is to contribute significantly to the advancement and sustainability of diverse sectors worldwide.


Elevate Your Expectations in Industrial Excellence

Why Choose AMAC Group?


Our Strength in Seasoned Professionals

A team of industry veterans with extensive experience, ensuring your projects benefit from a wealth of knowledge and skill.

Quality Assurance

Commitment to Excellence

Rigorous quality control measures are embedded in our processes, upholding the highest industry standards to guarantee exceptional outcomes.

Strategic Network

Tailored Solutions for Comprehensive Reach

Leveraging a well-established network, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse markets.


Consistent On-Time, On-Budget Delivery

Our track record speaks volumes. With a focus on precision and efficiency, we consistently deliver projects on time and within budget.


Guiding Principles that Define Us

Our Commitment to Excellence and Integrity

Customer-Centric Approach

 Prioritizing client needs, fostering collaboration, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Integrity and Transparency

Operating with honesty, transparency, and ethical business practices to build trust.

Team Excellence

Nurturing a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and empowerment within our dedicated team.

Innovation and Adaptability

Embracing innovation, staying at the forefront of technology, and adapting swiftly to changes.


Our History

Company Roadmap


Foundation & Innovation

Established in 2019, we laid the foundation for AMAC Group with a commitment to innovation. During this period, we focused on building a team of experts, developing our core capabilities, and pioneering innovative solutions in electromechanical works and instrumentation.


Expansion & Global Impact

Expanding our reach, we ventured into global markets, establishing industry centers and collaborating with experts worldwide. This phase marked significant growth, allowing us to take on more complex projects, enhance our technological capabilities, and solidify our position as a global leader in the industry.

2026- ONWARD

Sustainability & Continued Excellence

Looking ahead, our roadmap emphasizes sustainability and continued excellence. We are dedicated to maintaining our position at the forefront of technological advancements, fostering a culture of innovation, and ensuring that AMAC Group remains a reliable and trusted partner for clients seeking cutting-edge solutions in the years to come.