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Control Systems Supply & Commissioning

Needs Assessment: Understanding Your Control System Requirements Conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify your specific control system needs and project objectives.

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RO Plant Installation and Commissioning

Choose AMAC Group for a meticulous approach to RO plant installation and commissioning, ensuring a reliable and efficient water purification system for your needs.

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Automatic Tank Gauging Installation

Experience the convenience and accuracy of automatic tank gauging with AMAC Group's professional installation services, designed to meet the specific monitoring needs of your tanks.

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Fire and Gas System Installation

Trust AMAC Group for the professional installation of fire and gas systems, enhancing safety measures and providing peace of mind for your facility.

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Industrial Odour Monitoring System

Choose AMAC Group for the installation of an industrial odour monitoring system that addresses your specific needs, contributing to a healthier and more comfortable industrial environment.

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Analyzer Shelters Package

Experience the reliability and protection of your analytical equipment with AMAC Group's analyzer shelters package, designed for precision and efficiency in industrial environments.

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PAGA & CCTV Systems

Trust AMAC Group for the professional installation of PAGA & CCTV systems, enhancing safety and security measures within your facility.

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Electro Mechanical and E&I Scope

Choose AMAC Group for a comprehensive scope of Electro Mechanical and E&I services, where precision, efficiency, and reliability are at the forefront of our commitment to your project's success.

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Civil Construction Work

Trust AMAC Group for your civil construction work, where expertise, quality, and customization converge to bring your construction projects to successful fruition.

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Work Steps

Our Work Process.


Project Consultation

Understanding Your Needs

Initiate the process with in-depth consultations to comprehend the unique requirements and objectives of your project.


Onsite Evaluation

Detailed Technical Assessment

Conduct onsite visits and thorough technical evaluations to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project scope.


Customized Solutions

Tailoring to Your Specifications

Develop personalized solutions, ensuring they align seamlessly with your project goals and industry standards.


Implementation & Support

Efficient Execution and Ongoing Assistance

Execute the project with precision and efficiency, providing continuous support to ensure successful implementation and long-term satisfaction.